Work In Progress

by Thia on September 16, 2011

Hello everyone! Remember me.. Thia? How long has it been? A year? WOW!

I’ve been so busy with the thing that’s called LIFE and when you’re older, have many kids and always tired.. inspirations’ just never around. It really sucks! Don’t get me wrong, if  you’ve been following my twitter then you know that I’ve been around and trying so hard to make some kind of an update.. but it’s really hard! :(

So this is the plan.. I’ve taken down EVERYTHING from the server – which means all old links that I ever posted on my LJ community are broken. Even the preview images.. I think?! I’ve decided to transform this site using WP… since I think it would be much easier and faster for me to manage. But we’ll see..I’m using the pre-made template that came with the software – I haven’t had the time to do my usual designing/coding a website. It’s so crazy that I don’t even have time to do actual work, you know?! Because my kids and family always take that front seat in my life. But hopefully, very soon things will change at least a little. My youngest will be a full time student next year – so yay! I actually would have time to work on this site again!

So anyways…. I’m rambling! Yes, I need to re-upload everything, and rearrange all the files and directories. Since now I’m using WP, things will be a little bit different around here. I will blog, maybe?! Not that anyone really wants to read my ramblings.. but hey, at least I will have updates. I will try my hardest to share more things,  make this site a much better place to gain wonderful inspirations.

I should go now since my kids are waiting for me…  Please stay tuned, everyone.. I hope this site will be back active and full of resources again very, very soon!! :D Thank you SO much for all your support!! You have no idea how much it means to me! You guys are the reason why I’m still hanging around!!

Love always,


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