Oh My GOSH I am actually here! It has been unbelievably tooooo long, hasn’t it? I was quite lost while trying to set up my online home again. Please bear with me.. I’m practically a newbie again! LOL. I can not wait till I fill this place up again. How have you guys been? I know that I feel so old and out of place around here.

But I need to tell you that I’m SORRY for being absent for way too long. Life happens and I almost rarely sit here at my desk anymore. Well, my youngest daughter is always here being all artistic while Youtubing! I do hope with this restart, HG will become a much better online home for me as well as you. I hope that it will give you guys a little bit of creative inspiration again like before. I need to re-learn how to blog. There’s a lot that I have to re-do, it’s overwhelming. There’s so much that I haven’t shared with the online community for so long. I am so behind in everything.

Anyways! I’m here right now just to open the place back up so that I know I HAVE TO DO THIS soon. I have to get all my work from the old HG together again and re-upload EVERYTHING again. Thank you for your patience, everyone.

xoxoxo ~Thia